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Demolish it! Sell it? Move it?

Thinking about demolishing your home? Simply outgrown your existing home? Is it time for a knockdown and rebuild? Now is a great time to investigate demolishing your home as current Government rebates are here to help with the building your dream home.

The Queensland government’s home builder grant scheme is designed to boost the economy and increase jobs by getting the construction industry moving again. The Covid-19 shutdowns have come and gone, now is the time to kick start the next phase and get you into your dream home in the new year.

It sounds so simple, but in fact, the decision to rebuild can be quite daunting. Not only do you have to find a plan that suits your block, you have to find a builder that can see your vision also. As with most things, the planning phase can take the longest time and without some decent research, you could end up paying out more money than you need to.

One thing often overlooked in the demolishing process is the impact on the environment. When a house is knocked down, the majority of the non-biodegradable waste goes to landfill. Unfortunately, the time it takes to strip out and recycle flooring timbers and other recyclables sometimes outweigh the labour cost of the demolition. This could end up costing you more and affecting the budget for the new build. If you leave the demolition to the builder, while saving you the headache, it can also add substantially to the cost of the new build as the builder has to cover the insurance and project management.

How can you save money on demolition costs?

Have you thought of offsetting the cost of the demolition by selling the existing house for removal? Your existing house can be removed, your block cleared of all debris and ready for your builder to start in the same time as a regular house demolition. In a lot of cases, there is potential to add money back into the budget for the new build with the bonus of saving the home from going to landfill. To find out if your home is suitable for removal, contact our office today.
House removal is recycling on the grandest scale!

Recycling to save trees

What kind of house can we save from demolition?
If your existing home is on stumps (or piers) there is a fair chance that it is suitable for removal.  The removalist will assess your existing home to ensure it is a viable option to remove and give you an idea of what they can offer you for the property. YES! We pay you for the house! What a win-win situation! Not only do you get rid of your house ready for the new development, but we also pay you for the house! Put money back into your pocket!

What if your house has asbestos in it?

The majority of houses built or renovated pre-1990 have some asbestos content in them and in most cases, if the sheets are intact and not cracked, usually it’s not a problem. If the house is being demolished, all Asbestos will have to be removed. It is imperative you use a licensed accredited asbestos removalist in this process. By getting a professional in to remove the asbestos you are giving yourself the peace of mind that the job is being done correctly, safely and your site is going to be left free of contaminates.

If your house is getting removed and on-sold the asbestos removal becomes the responsibility of the removal company. Typically, the cost of the asbestos removal is added into the ‘list price’ of the house. The list price is the house package price consisting of the house, delivery within 100km and stumping to 1.0m high using 75x75x4mm Duragal steel posts with a standard stump hole of 450x900mm. By adding the asbestos removal into this package, it takes the obligation off your shoulders. HRQLD use licensed accredited asbestos removalists.

House Relocation Qld are specialists in house removal and have trusted relationships with several demolition contractors. This gives you the peace of mind that the job is going to be carried out with skill and professionalism. We want your development to run smoothly.

If you are thinking about getting rid of your house to make way for the new or selling your home for cash, give us a call today.

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    I dealt with the House Relocation Team during a three month period from May to August 2015, during which time I found them to be ethical, efficient and effective.
    After they entered into a commitment to purchase and relocate the house everything flowed smoothly to plan. I will be delighted to both refer them to anyone and use them again next time.
    John K. , Alderley
    I could not recommend House Relocation Qld highly enough! They were honest, helpful and knowledgeable in the extreme, making the whole process extremely easy. Working with them both was a pleasure and I would not hesitate to repeat the process with them again... a fun journey with House Relocation... all round professionals and genuinely nice people.
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