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2021 in Review

Posted by hrqld on November 22, 2021
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What a Year!

Well, what a year we have had! It has certainly been our busiest year to date and we are proud to say that we have bought and sold some FABULOUS removal homes this year. (and we have more in the pipeline!)

Not sure if it is because we are a captive audience due to ‘that’ worldwide event, or that the Govt incentives have done their job to increase the building sector but we have certainly seen a rise in the number of quality homes that are available for removal.

I received an email from a potential client today that said her new building quote had increased by 60% over the last few months making a removal house a much more viable option. There are also record low-interest rates making buying a home that much more attractive. I’d like to point out however that for the most part, banks will not lend for a removal house. This is because the draw-down times and amounts are vastly different from a new build. In house removal, you will pay for the house even before it is moved from the current site, you then pay for removal and stumping in increments as they are happening meaning the majority of the funds have moved hands before the house gets to your new site. In a traditional build, the $ weight is at the lock-up stage and completion of the build.

Fabulous quality homes for removal and booming building industry have made this a great year for House Relocation Services, as we slide into the Christmas season we wish you all a safe and restful holiday period. [I know we certainly need a holiday :)]  The House Relocation Qld office will be closed from 18 December until 10 January 2022. To help you with planning a new house for your block, below you will find the information sheets I would normally email you.

Purchase Checklist Information

Cut and Fill VS Natural Slope


Lowset VS Highset

Purchase Flowchart

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