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Sell it, Move it or Demolish it?

What’s cheaper when you’re stuck with an unwanted house or building?

Are you selling your house to a developer? In most cases, they will want to clear the block for their development, why not get that little bit of extra cash by selling the house to us first? In some cases you will get even more money from the developer as they then save costs on time and demolishing.

We can tell you that demolishing your house will cost a big chunk out of your budget. A much better option is to find out if it’s suitable for removal.
You can be certain someone else will want to buy it to move onto their block.

We are always looking to buy second hand houses in South East Queensland and northern NSW so if that’s where you and your unwanted house are located, contact us to get a free no obligation assessment of your house. What are the steps you need to take? Where do you go from here?

Your Options for Selling

a. Market Your House

This option will optimise your sale price as it reduces handling, we agree to move the house once the new buyer has their council approvals in place – this can take a little more time but we as we are not double handling the house it reduces our costs so we can pay you more for the house. ‘Marketing only’ will require approx 12-16 weeks but with this option we will pay you the most money. If you have some time up your sleeve, I recommend to market your house.

b.  Market with a back up plan..

You can do a combination of both selling and marketing. This is where we have an agreed price to purchase your home. You will be able to maximise your dollar potential if the house moves directly from your site to the new one – however, if approvals are not in place for the final destination by the time you need it removed, we can move it to the holding yard – it does reduce your sale price but the bottom line is agreed on at the outset. This ensures you a house free site by your due date (so your development is not held up) and a guaranteed sale. A Win Win for everyone if you want to sell your house for removal.

c. Sell your house outright to us

If suitable, your house is taken to a holding yard to sell, the price you receive will reflect the additional costs of preparing, transportation, storage and presenting the house for sale. This can reduce your sale price considerably.

Download our Seller Check List V030719 to see what you are responsible for when it comes to removing your house.

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    From our Clients

    I dealt with the House Relocation Team during a three month period from May to August 2015, during which time I found them to be ethical, efficient and effective.
    After they entered into a commitment to purchase and relocate the house everything flowed smoothly to plan. I will be delighted to both refer them to anyone and use them again next time.
    John K. , Alderley
    I could not recommend House Relocation Qld highly enough! They were honest, helpful and knowledgeable in the extreme, making the whole process extremely easy. Working with them both was a pleasure and I would not hesitate to repeat the process with them again... a fun journey with House Relocation... all round professionals and genuinely nice people.
    Natalie H., Northern NSW