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Recycling a House to Save You $$

Posted by hrqld on September 30, 2020
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Is Recycling a House The Answer To Your Housing Dilemma?

We are certainly having an interesting year, with words like ‘unprecedented’ ‘new normal’ and ‘global pandemic’ added to our daily dialogue now. There have been unprecedented job losses across the world and I’m sure you or someone you know has been impacted in some way, I know I have. My 25 y/o daughter and her partner have been looking at purchasing their first home, even getting to the final contract stage when the Vendor suddenly pulled out due to a ‘change in circumstance’, only to be topped off by getting a redundancy from her travel industry job of 7 years. At this point you can do one of two things, you can sit on the sofa a bemoan the loss of your dreams, or you can get out and look at different ways to solve your dilemma. My kids have been raised on the saying ‘Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance’… and planning to succeed beats planning to fail.

With our belts getting tighter, now is the perfect time to start researching and Recycling a House. The Queensland State Government has information on their website about First Home Owner Grant and being an owner-builder. Click Here to go to the Qld Govt website. If it helps get you into a home and out of the rental roundabout it’s surely a step in the right direction.
House Removal is one of the largest forms of Recycling – imagine how much landfill comes from demolishing a house, all the timber, glass and history going in the trash. Sometimes old houses are too far gone – they’ve been altered beyond their structural integrity or let deteriorate too far or have been built with materials that are now known to be harmful; these are the ones House Relocation Qld don’t take on. We know that fixing previous mistakes will cost big $$ and take money away from your final vision. It’s all about recycling the efficient way.

So in Planning to Succeed, I believe knowledge is power. Research, the internet is an amazing place with a wealth of information at your fingertips. Remember to crosscheck the information you get (laws and grants can change quickly in these ‘unprecedented times’) and Recycle as much as you can – it’s a win-win for all of us!


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