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Posted by hrqld on November 15, 2018

Did someone say Homework? “I don’t have any” is not the reply you should have..

Homework at school teaches you how to research a subject, so that you can get the best possible result every time. Why am I talking about homework? Good question!

I get many phone calls and emails from clients who want a house NOW! Awesome! that makes my job easy! So then I start asking my nosy questions:

Do you have your land?

What style of house are you looking for?

What side of the house do you want your living/bedrooms? …… What????? Why would this be important?

This is the point where I give my clients homework – get a chair and go and sit on your block of land for a few hours in the morning, and a few hours in the evening. Sounds hard eh? The point of this is to find out where your breezes come from, (talk to the neighbours!!) where the sun rises and sets, what is the traffic noise like? Is the street busy? Where is the view?

The purpose of this research (homework) is to work out the orientation of your house on the block. A ‘left hand gable’ house may not suit a North facing block – why? Gables are usually the side the bedrooms are on, this would put the bedrooms on the West side of the house giving you HOT bedrooms in Summer. (This is also the reason traditional Colonial Queenslanders had verandahs on all sides!)

My advice to you, in your ‘planning’ phase; whip out your smart phone and check your compass app and enjoy the atmosphere of the block and your surroundings! It really does pay to do your homework…

2 thoughts on “Homework

  • Lois Stratford
    on February 7, 2019

    Fantastic advice!
    Youve given me the incentive to get started!
    Havent even bought a block yet!

  • Jade
    on September 27, 2019

    Good advice & things to keep in mind!

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