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To renovate or not to renovate?

Posted by hrqld on December 21, 2015
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I like to think I am pretty handy, I will have a go at any project, whether I am good at it or not remains to be seen. In my job I get to look at the houses we list before you all see them, I wander around and measure them up, all the while, plotting what it needs and what I could do to it.

I’ve done a few renovations at home, with my trusty sidekick tradie (in other words, husband) so we are keen to tackle a removal house soon.

When you are looking at removal houses available, they come in all shapes, sizes and condition. Sometimes it may be more practical to go for an already renovated home, this can save on time when you are ready to move in, and money, if it is renovated well with good fittings.

If you are like me however, you want to put your personality into it, I want a large kitchen and I dream about a chefs oven, these things are on my bucket list – what is on yours?

I suggest that you research everything, have a Pinterest page, collect ideas, look at photos online or drive around the streets of inner Brisbane – you will soon see what you like and don’t like – ideas will be cemented and when the right house comes along, you will know. In most cases, Queenslanders for removal sell quickly – be sure of what you are looking for and what your abilities are, it can be quicker to put some finishing touches to a removal house then to renovate from start to finish.


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