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Security in your Queenslander

Posted by hrqld on February 3, 2015
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How secure is any house? The insurance companies say the minimum requirement is locks on the windows and deadbolts on the doors.. most of us have security screens of some form (usually to keep bugs out more than burglars) but in reality, locks are only going to keep out the ‘honest’ crook – serious ones will just smash a window to get in.

While I do believe we have to make an effort to keep your things secure, I don’t believe we should all live in fear and behind huge ugly security bars. In modern life, we get caught up in the daily grind and forget to connect with the best security available – your neighbourhood.

That’s right! talk to your neighbours and be a good neighbour yourself. If you are moving a Queenslander into a new area and you have done your ‘homework’ then you will have met them already.

We have been living in the same street for about 17 years now, we are  friends with our immediate neighbours and give the others across the street a wave when they drive past. We know what cars they drive and usually if they are away on holidays or not.  On the weekend my husband noticed a strange car next door and cut short a robbery in progress. Talk about an adrenaline rush! He got the rego of the car and Police were notified, in the next suburb over, just a few minutes later, a man noticed 4 people jumping out of a car and getting into a cab.. He reported it to the Police too… QPS traced the cab and have now apprehended the crooks (yet to hear if Neighbour One will get her stuff back) Yes!!

This chain of events happened because our neighbourhood is engaged – we look out for the ones we know – can you say the same? Think back to when your removal house was built (60? 70?  80 years ago?) , we all imagine everything was a bit slower then, when in reality they were as busy as us – it’s just that they took notice of the everyday instead of getting caught up in it. Neighbourhood watch is not just a thing of the past – get involved! If it was you at the end of the robbery you would like to hope your neighbours take notice.

So, get up, grab a coffee (or beer) and stand at the fence and have a neighbourly chin wag – security is all around you.

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